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Tangiers Casino Mobile Gaming

All business and entertainment have relocated to mobile devices by now, and so has our casino. Our intention on this page is to explain how you can enjoy our services on Tangiers Casino mobile app. Having highlighted the pros and cons of mobile gaming, we will describe how to download our app and complete the registration procedure (enter your log in and password) on your device (desktop & mobile version). We shall then answer some of the most frequently asked questions on the subject.

Benefits of Mobile Gaming

The following are the most commonly stated reasons for playing casino games on a mobile device.

Freedom of Location

Having your mobile device with you all the time, you can play the games wherever you may be at the moment - in a park, on a bus, in a coffee shop. Besides, there is no preparation hassle either. You do not even need the internet for that. All you do is tap on the icon, and you are in the game again.

Advanced Technology

Apart from that, mobile operating systems work better and provide more convenient access to your account settings than would be the case on a desktop or even laptop.

Enhanced Security

In addition, since mobile devices are more prone to hacking, companies that provide mobile services have had to exert considerable efforts to upgrade the security system, which they seem to have done very well.

Better Variety of Gaming Options

The selection of bonuses, prizes and game settings, such as live dealer, jackpots and cash spins, is often better and more convenient on mobile apps. That is particularly true for mobile live chat.

Drawbacks of Mobile Gaming

Nevertheless, there are still some solid reasons to prefer online gambling, the following two being the most significant ones.

Quality of Gaming Options

Better though the variety of options may be on the mobile app, the quality of graphics, sound and other technical aspects of the interface still leaves a lot to be desired. Perhaps, we might have to wait for HTML6 or some other spectacular invention to rectify the situation.

Tangiers Casino Online Gambling Addiction

Precisely because your mobile device is always with you and it is so quick and easy for you to access your account, you run a serious risk of ending up gaming most of the time until it becomes virtually indistinguishable from an actual addiction.

Tangiers Casino Mobile App Download

Before you open an account and start playing, you must download the Tangiers Casino App. The task is easy enough, but you must first make sure you choose an appropriate app version for your device. Our apps are available for most operating systems and devices, including the following:

Android IOS iPhone iPad Linux macOS Windows Windows Mobile
Note: you do not have to download our app if you do not want to do it for some reason. You can go to our website in the browser on your mobile device and continue to play online.

Effectively, the download procedure differs slightly for Android and all other devices. You can search for the app on Google Play Store or Apple App Store or download it from our webpage directly. Here, we will only describe the last option.

Apart from that, if you use Android, you might have to install an APK file first, which you can find on the internet too. But since there are so many dangerous and poor-quality copies of it on the web, we strongly recommend you to contact our support team and ask them for a Tangiers APK download link.

APK Installation

  1. Go to the link you receive from our site.
  2. Tap on Download next to the APK file.
  3. Go to Downloads on your device and tap on APK.
  4. Tap on Yes to install the file.

Download on Android to play online

  1. Go to the link you receive from our site.
  2. Tap on Tangiers Casino Mobile Download.
  3. Tap on Accept and Continue to complete the installation.

Download on Any Other Device to play free

  1. Go to the link you receive from our site.
  2. Tap on Tangiers Casino Mobile Download.
  3. Tap on Confirm to complete the installation.

Potential Problems

If you cannot download the app on your device, it is probably happening for one of the following reasons:

  1. You have selected the wrong version of the app, incompatible with your device.
  2. You do not have an APK, or there is a problem with it.
  3. Your device is blocking the file from an unknown source.
  4. You are in the region with restricted or denied access to our app or where our site is not legally allowed to operate.

Therefore, to fix the problem, you can try the following steps:

  1. Double check you have an appropriate app for your type of device.
  2. Install an APK file if you do not have one or re-install the one you have.
  3. Go to Settings and tap on "Permit the installation of unknown applications".
  4. If the previous three did not help, go to Settings and change your region or wait until you leave the area.

Mobile Access to Login

Now that you have our app on your mobile device, you can open an account at our casino via the app. In this regard, we would like to stress that the app only provides an additional access channel to our site, that's all. In other words:

The registration, withdrawal, deposit and other procedures are identical to those online.

There are no separate bonuses or gaming options for the app.

Your AUS mobile app gives you access to all your account settings and the casino's functions.

Note: you may only have one account at our casino and, for this reason, only register one time. If you have already completed the procedure online, do not do it again on our mobile app and vice versa.


How much is your app?

We provide it free of charge.

Is your app safe?

Yes, it is. We use the latest SSL encryption technology for the optimal protection of all your data.

Can I get several apps to use on several devices?

There is only one app, and you are welcome to download it to all your devices if you like.